Are you worried about your health? If so, you’re not alone. In the modern era, health and wellbeing have become a prevalent goal people are always after. If we rewind back to the early starts of the medical profession, going to the doctor was considered the very last resource to avoid dying. People were afraid of these professionals and their techniques, and would always prefer visiting folk healers and witches first.

Today we are experiencing a radical change from those early years, and sometimes people go to the doctor without even feeling sick. What’s more, it is encouraged to do so, and we call it routine check-up. We have also included fitness in our language and culture, and people are more worried than ever about slowing down the ageing process and improving their looks.

But all of this new “health and fitness” trend has its downside. There is much information in the media and the internet, and it does not always come from a reliable source. People have access to more information than ever, but there are more myths and disinformation than ever. As ironic as it may seem, the technologic era has made available both trustworthy information and lies for the broad public. And only a professional and someone who has a deeper understanding of the subject would be able to tell the difference.

That’s the reason why we are here…

In Beta Healthy we are deeply concerned about your health, and our primary goal is to provide up-to-date and reliable information for anyone interested in health and disease. Our writers are licensed physicians, and they are able to make out the difference between truth and lies. They are deeply committed to providing enlightening information and address readers as they would with their own patients. Thus, by reading one of our articles, you will feel as if you were in the doctor’s office attentive at his explanations.

Beta Healthy comprises a series of articles covering the most important diseases in our modern society and how to detect them. We are also meant to explain the reason why each sign and symptom appears, and we will do our best to do so in a simple and understandable language that keeps the scientific nature of the article without the medical jargon that’s commonly used to puzzle curious patients when they are trying to eavesdrop their doctors and colleagues.

But even if we are covering apparently easy topics such as hypertension and diabetes, we are always doing so with consistent and current data. It is common in the medical field that guidelines and medical opinion constantly changes throughout the years as more evidence is made available with research studies. That’s why we have a team of writers that are always out in the medical field and stays current with the latest trends, topics and medical updates and revisions in order to provide the most recent information for each specific case.

In Beta Healthy, we are also concerned about multimedia, and our visual team is in charge of making the educational purpose of the site easier for readers. We know how important it is to have a visual image, especially in the field of medicine, where everything seems to be abstract until seeing it with our own eyes. Thus, our visual team is not only in charge of making it pretty. They are committed to choosing images carefully with the educational goal in mind.

As you will see after reading one of our articles, Beta Healthy is not meant to be used as a replacement of a visit to your doctor’s office. We encourage check-ups and routine visits to your physician as a part of the prevention strategy to reduce your health risks. You will get useful information to suspect any given disease and instructions as to whether or not a given sign or symptom is meant to have you worried.

In Beta Healthy, we cover a wide variety of topics but focus on how to detect diseases and what signs and symptoms should warn you that something is not going as it should. You will see how the signs and symptoms are arranged in a continuous manner. First, you will find those signs and symptoms of a mild health problem, and how to differentiate them from another disease. Then, you will find symptoms of a progressive disease. Finally, we will also cover symptoms you will experience in complications and aggravated diseases.

As our final goal in Beta Healthy, we would like our readers to get a grasp and understand a bit of one of the widest fields of understanding. Studying medicine is challenging, and diagnosing is not only about seeing one or two symptoms and guessing right. By providing you with a quick understanding of medical knowledge, we are also trying to make our readers appreciate the hard labour and the complex study doctors need to endure before being prepared to go out and do their job.

In Beta Healthy, we are not only here to inform but also increase your awareness about the importance of maintaining your health and the hard labour and years of study doctors need to detect disease and do something about it.