A Comprehensive Guide To Atopic Dermatitis

3Family History 

Family history is considered a significant risk factor in the development of atopic dermatitis and other allergens. There is a strong association between dermatitis and family history, which has been persistent in different studies no matter what kind of study is performed or what protocol is followed. Even though only limited information is available regarding family history and atopic dermatitis, the performed studies strongly suggested a relation between them. A study was performed in which patients with atopic dermatitis were examined, 270 adults with skin disease along with their 529 children. Among those children, 316 (60%) had a family history of topic dermatitis. The results showed an equal prevalence of the disease in both boys and girls. The affected children’s pervasiveness was up to 81% (48/59) in those having a history of atopic dermatitis, 56% (180/360) of the affected patient did not have a history of both atopic dermatitis and respiratory disease. At the same time, 59% (88/149) had a history of atopic dermatitis only. The results indicated that the mode of inheritance is autosomal dominant. In another study, 492 patients having dermatitis were reviewed, and the result showed that family history was illustrated in 66% of the patients. These studies suggested that, like many other diseases, atopic dermatitis can be linked with family history.