Epilepsy : Definition, Symptoms, Causes, Types, Diagnosis, Medications, Treatment and Management

4Symptoms Of Epilepsy

Symptoms OF Epilepsy
Symptoms OF Epilepsy

Epilepsy is a disease, where the brain becomes predisposed to initiate spells of seizures.  Depending on the type of epilepsy, there are variable other symptoms that occur within the span of a seizure. These spells are temporary, punctuated by normalcy between seizures. The frequency and span for which a seizure lasts depends on the specific type of seizure. [2]

Some commonly associated symptoms are listed:

Altered consciousness

Unconsciousness is often coupled with epileptic seizures. However, not all seizures result in unconsciousness. A better term to state this aspect is altered state of consciousness. Consciousness is the measure of ability to sense external information, perceive it mentally, and then being able to respond to that information in the external environment. Any disruption at any level of this step ladder results in altered state of consciousness. Consciousness is a target in complex partial seizures and generalized seizures.

Aura is a state of altered consciousness where the patient hallucinates, or have illusions. However, the patient is well oriented to distinguish hallucinations from reality.

Another state of alteration in consciousness level may cause abnormality in various cognitive functions, for example, carrying out coordinated actions, speech, memory etc. The patient in this spell, may be well oriented in time and space, but is unable to respond to the surroundings. Some patients cannot recall the events of their seizure. This is termed as an amnestic dyscognitive seizure.

Ictal delirium is a more severe state of alteration of consciousness and is a feature of status epilepticus. The patient experiences hallucinations, and perceives them as reality. Hence, all actions and responses to the external stimulus are also altered on the basis of false perception.

Complete loss of consciousness is a feature of absence seizures. Epileptic coma is a more severe state of unconsciousness from which the patient cannot be aroused even after repeated stimulus.