How To Boost Your Immune System

210 Vitamins and Minerals You Need For A healthy Immune System:

It is an outstanding initiative not to rely on supplements for building a strong immune system. You can achieve a healthy immune system to protect you from a number of infections by just including specific vitamins and minerals in your diet. Following is the list of 10 vitamins and minerals that you need for maintaining a healthy immune system:

Vitamin C: Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is very famous in regard to maintain a healthy working immune system for the body. Vitamin C supports the immune system in producing the interferons, which help in the initiation of protective cellular defense mechanisms. This vitamin also enhances the functionality of the phagocytes, which surround the pathogens and engulf them by neutralizing them enzymatically. Cytokines are proteins that help in the communication of signals from one cell to another; vitamin C helps in the production of cytokines in the body, thus promoting the response of the immune system. Moreover, vitamin C also helps in the inhibition of apoptosis of T-lymphocytes and makes the viability of these lymphocytes possible.