Multiple Myeloma: Definition , Symptoms , Causes , Diagnosis , Types , and Treatment

2Main Causes Of Multiple Myeloma

There is no exact cause of multiple myeloma, but there are some risk factors that are associated with the development of the disease. These factors are the following:

  • Age: Individuals more than 45 years of age are at more risk of multiple myeloma. The chances of developing cancer increases with age. It may be caused due to variations in genes during the life-time.
  • Race: The people of some specific ethnic backgrounds, such as African-Americans, have more risk of developing multiple myeloma.
  • Gender: Men are more likely to develop multiple myeloma than women.
  • Blood disorders: The individuals who suffer from some blood disorders have more chances of developing multiple myeloma.
  • Mutations: Mutations and some genetic changes can result in multiple myeloma — almost 50 percent of patients of this disease missing chromosome number 13.
  • Family history: Multiple myeloma may be inherited from parents. The individuals having multiple myeloma in the family are at increased risk of developing the disease.

Some other risk factors include:

  • Obesity
  • Contact with chemicals
  • Plasma cell diseases