Stretches and Home Treatment For Shoulder Pain

With that in mind, let us describe the most common stretches for shoulder pain:

  • Pendulum stretch: This exercise is recommended if your range of motion is affected by a shoulder ailment. You can start by standing and bending at your waist while letting the affected arm hang. Relax your neck muscles and move the affected arm in circular motions 20 times.
  • Overhead shoulder stretch: This stretch should be done while sitting or standing. Take your hands together in front of you and intertwine the fingers. With the elbows bent, raise the arms and place the hands behind your head. Now move the elbows back, squeeze the shoulder blade, and repeat the movement 20 times.
  • Arm-across chest stretch: With your right arm near the waist in front of you, take your left hand behind the right elbow. Pull towards your chest and lower the arm if you feel any pain. Hold the position for 30 seconds to one minute and relax. Then do the same in the opposite arm and repeat the stretch 3 to 5 times in one session.
  • Sleeper stretch: You can try this one without standing if you have shoulder pain while trying to fall asleep. Keep lying down on your left side and bend the left arm at a 90º angle. With your right arm, push down the left arm, and you will feel a stretch in the left shoulder. Then relax and do the same with the opposite side.