Warning Signs and Symptoms of A Kidney Infection You Should Not Ignore

2Painful Micturition

It is a characteristic sign that indicates that there is something wrong with your urethra. Also known as dysuria, this sign is caused by an active inflammation due to any bacterial or other pathogenic infection. The intensity of the pain depends on the severity of the disease. At first, you may just experience a burning sensation while urinating. It is a minor symptom that indicates the beginning of a urethral infection that may subset itself if your body actively fights against the causing bacteria and eliminate it. However, if it progresses to painful micturition, it clearly indicates that your body is failed to fight the infection.

Why you experience this pain? The urine is acidic in nature and when it touches with the inflammatory part of the urethra, there is a stimulation of the pain receptors that leads to painful urination. In addition to the lower urinary tract infections, dysuria can be due to several other conditions including sexually transmitted diseases, vaginal yeast infections, and kidney stones.