What is Narcolepsy

2Sleep Paralysis

Sleep paralysis

People having narcolepsy often experience a temporary inability to speak or move while trying to fall asleep or upon waking up. The brief episodes of narcolepsy only last for a few seconds or minutes and are typically not longer than a few minutes. However these brief episodes of narcolepsy can be very frightening for the person going through them. The patient might be aware of the condition and have no difficulty in remembering it afterward. Even if the person does not control the episode of narcolepsy but they can recall what was happening to them. The sleep paralysis copies the type of temporary or short time paralysis which might normally occurs during the period of sleep known as rapid eye movement (REM) sleep. The short time temporary inability to move or speak during REM sleep might prevent the body of the patient from acting out the dream activities. Not every single person with narcolepsy experience sleep paralysis but a number of people without narcolepsy might experience sleep paralysis. It is very important to rule out the exact cause of sleep parlay sis and relate it with the narcolepsy to attain a complete diagnosis.