6 Common Causes of Elbow Pain

What Causes Elbow Pain?

Elbow pain is perhaps not the most common complaint, but it makes you suffer if you have this problem and need to do some handwork. It is also a cause of concern for athletes, who often need a long period of rest to recover completely. However, the treatment of your elbow pain often depends on the cause. Thus, it is really important to find the cause of elbow pain to find the best treatment in your case.

Diagnosing a disease is something only a doctor should do, especially when it comes to musculoskeletal disorders. You may think they are all similar or get confused with terms and believe you are experiencing all those symptoms at once. But a doctor will have precise maneuvers and tests to diagnose a disease and recommend a treatment.

In this article, you will find the most important causes of elbow pain, which are also the most frequent or essential to highlight. In each case, we will describe the cause and how it leads to elbow pain. We will also explain the condition with a few signs and symptoms that characterize each to provide an overview of how each affects patients.

With that in mind, let us discuss the top 6 causes of elbow pain: