Common Treatment Options of Lower Leg Pain

Lower leg pain can sometimes be severe. In other cases, it is an ongoing problem that is not intense but is held for a long time and becomes a persistent symptom that affects your quality of life. No matter what your case is, you probably want to solve the problem as soon as possible, and the best solution would be to come to the doctor to see what’s going on and get medical treatment. But what is the medical treatment for lower leg pain about?

In previous articles, we have described every aspect patients need to know about lower leg pain, including the associated signs and symptoms, the diagnostic process in the doctor’s office, and what is the most likely cause. In this article, you will find an overview of the medical treatment, including recommendations your doctor will probably give you, drugs that people with lower leg pain can be prescribed, and a broad overview of the surgical treatment that is sometimes required to solve the problem.

As mentioned in other articles, we usually describe lower leg pain depending on where it is located and break it down into shin pain and calf pain. The former is a type of pain located in the frontal part of your lower leg. The latter is located at the back of your lower leg. You will see that some medical treatments listed in this article are common for both, while others are specific for a subtype of pain or a particular diagnosis.