Differential Diagnosis of Lower Leg Pain

Lower leg pain may not be the most common type of leg pain, but it can happen sometimes. So, are you experiencing pain or uncommon symptoms in your calves or shins? What can it be? In previous articles, we have described different symptoms you can experience in combination with lower leg pain and the most likely causes.

If you read those articles, you will realize that there are two main types of lower leg pain. They are calf pain and shin pain. It depends on where the pain is located. When it is located in the front, it is known as shin pain. It is called calf pain when it is located in the back. In rare cases, patients will also feel dull aches all over the place, which is difficult to pinpoint.

Diagnosis of lower leg pain
Diagnosis of lower leg pain

Now in this article, we will describe the diagnostic process that your doctor will probably follow to know what is happening to you and why you have lower leg pain. This article is not meant for you to self-diagnose calf pain or shin pain because sometimes what you feel or think is not in line with what is really happening to you. Moreover, the diagnosis of lower leg pain or any other disease often requires complex procedures and tests that should be read and interpreted by a healthcare professional.

With that in mind, let us examine how the diagnosis of lower leg pain is made by breaking it down into calf and shin pain.