Front (Anterior) Knee Pain : Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment

Pain at the front (foremost) of the knee may likewise be called anterior knee pain (AKP). Anterior knee just signifies ‘front side of the knee’. You may experience mild to severe pain beneath your patella (or kneecap); around it, or on one or the other side of your kneecap. Pain at the front of the knee may come from the actual kneecap or from the ligaments that connect the muscles to the bones of the knee.

Causes Of Pain at The Front Of The Knee

There is no single underlying cause; however, there are a few reasons why you may develop pain at the front of the knee. These include [1]

  • Individuals who have had a separation, crack, or other injury to the kneecap
  • Individuals who exercise regularly, which includes sprinters and joggers, cyclists, skiers, football players and different competitors
  • Individuals who are overweight
  • Teens and healthy youthful grown-ups, all the more regularly young ladies
  • Individuals with flat level feet
  • Individuals with excessively adaptable joints (here and there called being twofold jointed)