Medical Treatments For Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Pain Treatment

Shoulder pain is relatively common. According to statistics, 20% of people will have a diagnosed cause of shoulder pain at least once in their lifetime. The incidence of undiagnosed causes is outside these statistics, ranking second as the most common type of body pain.

Shoulder pain can be acute or chronic. In other words, it can be a symptom that lasts for a short period or a very long time. In most cases, acute shoulder pain is caused by trauma and forceful movements. It is easier to address with anti-inflammatory drugs, and the symptom improves as the body heals.

But when symptoms become chronic, they can be really difficult to treat. In most cases, there is more than one cause behind the pain. The patients need modifications in their activities and medical treatment to improve. Sometimes they may require several visits to the doctor to adjust medications and achieve a complete recovery.

Treatment for chronic shoulder pain is not always practical, and there are not enough clinical trials to find the best solutions in each case. However, there is a protocol of treatment that we will cover in this article. You will learn the progression of therapy and specific medical treatments for different conditions that cause shoulder pain.