When Should You Go To The Doctor For Knee Problems?

Inability to bear weight

You definitely need to see a doctor if you are unable to hold or bear any weight on your knee. A fracture, cartilage injury, ligament tear, or bone contusion might result in immense pain to even stand by putting your body weight on your knees. The doctors advise to seek orthopedic evaluation as soon as possible, especially if you are older just to minimize any additional damage to the knee. It is better to visit the doctor the dame day you experience the inability to hold weight and particularly when you are unable to recover after a few minutes of injury. You must watch out for the excruciating pain whenever you are trying to put pressure on your knees and the numbness resulting after the injury, these could be the result of damaged blood vessels or pinched nerves.

Long-term discomfort or pain

If you are waiting for the pain to subside, but it is not going away, then you might need doctor’s help. Generally, the adults suffering from the knee pain for a few days must visit a doctor while the athletes must seek medical help if the pain lasts for more than 48 hours.

Pain that disturbs sleep

If your sleep is getting disturbed and wakes you up at night then you must seek medical help from a professional to treat the knee problem.