When Should You Go To The Doctor For Knee Problems?

Pain that is paralyzing

Normally, the professionals suggest that you must visit a doctor as soon as you notice your symptoms affecting the daily activities of your life. A pain that is almost paralyzing you by avoiding you to perform routine work needs immediate help from an orthopedic doctor. If your knee pain is making your job more frustrating and your commute more difficult then you must let a professional evaluate your knee.

Slight sensation in the knee

While most of the knee problems cause immense pain but less sensation in knee can also be a great health risk. If the knee pain does not grow when you strain the knee, then you might be suffering from sciatica and need to seek medical help.

Reduced range of motion

There is internal swelling when the knees suffer from an injury and this swelling might reduce the range of motion, thus making it harder for you to bend or straighten your leg. If the knee problem is limiting your range of motion for more than 24 hours, then you must need to pay a visit to the doctor. [3]

Moreover, if you are experiencing a combination of multiple symptoms of knee problems like high fever, swelling along with reduced range of motion, then do not wait it out to resolve on its own. You need to schedule an appointment with an orthopedic doctor if you are experiencing infrequent symptoms of your knee problem.