10 Warning Signs and Symptoms of The Liver Disease that Require Immediate Attention

Chronic Fatigue

Regardless of the type of viral hepatitis, an inherited disorder like G6PD deficiency or excess alcohol consumption, fatigue is a common symptom described by many people with these liver diseases. The associated fatigue may be acute or chronic and even debilitating. Studies didn’t find any connection between fatigue and severity of the liver disease.  People with severe liver diseases may not feel tired at all while those with minimal liver disorders may experience total exhaustion.

As fatigue can be caused by various health conditions such as sleep disorders, dehydration, poor diet, anemia,  lack of exercise and depression, it is difficult to assess whether the underlying cause resides in the liver or any other organ. However, if you are experiencing other associated symptoms of liver disease such as right upper abdominal pain, nausea, and vomiting, you should consult your doctor for complete evaluation and diagnosis of the underlying condition.