10 Warning Signs and Symptoms of The Liver Disease that Require Immediate Attention

The Tendency to Bruise Easily

Breakage of small blood vessels and accumulation of blood under the skin causes bruising or ecchymosis. It will also cause bluish discoloration of the skin. Easy bruisability is an indication that your clotting factors are not working properly or there is decreased production of clotting factors in the liver. The important clotting factors that play a major role in the formation of a blood clot include factor 2, 5, 7, and  10. All these factors are produced by the liver, therefore, any damage to the liver leads to decrease production.

Besides the liver, the clot formation also depends on good nutrition and healthy bone marrow function. Certain inherited disorders like hemophilia and thalassemia are also responsible for delayed clot formation.  However, if you are bruising easily and it is also compared by other signs and symptoms of a liver disease discussed above, it could be a sign of a serious liver condition that warrants immediate medical attention.