10 Ways To Avoid Knee Pain – How To Prevent Knee Pain?

10 Ways To Avoid Knee Pain - How to prevent knee pain?
10 Ways To Avoid Knee Pain – How to prevent knee pain?

Knee pain mostly results by either a sudden injury or repetitive moves that stress out the knee with time especially as we age. There are certain steps that you might want to take to prevent knee injuries and pain. The most common knee condition causing knee pain is the runner’s stretch which arises when we bring our heel towards the butt but it tends to gradually cause knee pain. The stretching of knees by bringing the feet towards the butt cause jamming of the kneecap into the bones beneath it. A small injury or a mild knee problem like runner’s stretch can map out the condition of chondromalacia patella, in which the cartilage surrounding the knee cap starts to become soft thus causing knee pain.

The knees take on their fair share of influence and impact, being the largest joint in our body. People from all the life spans complain about getting knee pain. The underlying causes of knee pain can be numerous depending on your condition and age, but there are some common causes among people like bad shoes, poor flexibility, and muscle weakness. In general, a person learning to exercise the right way and becoming familiar to his own body starts taking knee pain prevention more seriously. If a person whose knees are the type getting pain flare ups due to arthritis, then doing high impact exercises are not a good for them. Choose an elliptical machine instead of a treadmill at gym to protect your knees.

Following are some ways that you can do to prevent knee pain:

1Do Not Skip Exercise

Do Not Skip Exercise
Do Not Skip Exercise

The fundamental thing is to know your limits about exercising. Strength training which focuses on greatly on building up muscles in the hamstrings and quadriceps can lower the knee pain. Strength training focusing hamstrings and quadriceps help people with tolerating structural knee problems and arthritis problems. Staying physically active aids in building muscles and controlling weight, both of which prevents your knees from any damage. The best moves for people having structural knee problems involve non-impact aerobic exercises such as training at the gym on an elliptical machine, walking on leveled ground, doing water aerobics, swimming, and suing a stationary bike. It is also sage to avoid doing activities that put additional strain on the knees including downhill running, deep knee bends, and kneeling. [1]