Cucumber Nutrition Facts & Proven Health Benefits

Bone Health

Bone health

One cup of cucumber contains almost 19 percent of the recommended daily intake of vitamin K which is very helpful in promoting bone health. According to the studies by University of Maryland Medical Center, vitamin K proves to have significant impact on bones. Adequate intake of vitamin D could help in reducing the risks of fracture rates, positively affect calcium balance and increase bone density by working with vitamin D. According to a review by a group of nutritionists, the human body utilizes vitamin K throughout the course of building bones and the effects are more likely to be more important for women.

Another study by American Journal of Clinical Nutrition involving a large group shows that low levels of vitamin K cause lower bone density in women but not in the case of women. The low intake of vitamin K directly becomes the cause of higher hip fracture rates especially in middle-aged women. So, it is particularly significant for women to consume more vegetables including cucumbers to have a balanced intake of vitamin K daily rather than collecting dietary supplements. When it comes to men, the lower levels of vitamin K are more likely to decrease bone density in the later adulthood as the bone’s reserve of vitamin K is running out.