Shoulder Pain (Overview, Symptoms, Causes, Types, Diagnosing, Treatment, Home Remedies)

Shoulder pain is a widespread problem.  A lot of factors can contribute to shoulder pain. With correct treatment and proper rest, the signs of shoulder pain can heal in a short time.  One can experience shoulder pain doing little tasks of daily routine like wearing your shirt, brushing your hair, or preparing your meal.  A shoulder is a complex of several joints attached with tendons and muscles to give us a full degree of motion. Shoulder joints are the most flexible joints of the human body, allowing us to throw a ball with full pitch. A shoulder is a combination of two joints, i-e, the acromioclavicular joint and the glenohumeral joint. Scapula (the shoulder blade), acromion, and clavicle (the collar bone) are the three bones that meet at the acromioclavicular joint. While at the glenohumeral joint, the two bones i-e, the humeral head(the ball), and glenoid(the socket) meet, giving this joint the name of ball and socket joint.  The muscles form the rotator cuff keeps the humerus bone attached to the device, giving the shoulder a more extensive motion. A joint capsule encapsulates the shoulder joint, which is a combination of ligaments. A problem with any part of the shoulder can cause pain.

According to medical specialists, shoulder pain might be a symptom of some disorder and is not a disorder itself. The shoulder pain can occur in an extensive range; some might experience mild discomfort while others experience excruciating pain in their shoulders. Shoulder pain might be a result of bad posture in some people. When a person slouches at his desk or does not sit with their back straight during his working hours, there comes a strain on shoulder joints, causing pain. Shoulder pain might be due to other bone and muscle disorders like osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis. In both these disorders, the patients suffer severe pain in their shoulder joints. The people suffering from shoulder pain goes through utter difficulty in moving their arms.

A traffic accident or an injury at the playground might also cause shoulder pain. If there is pain only in one shoulder, then there is nothing to worry about, a massaging gel would help to soothe the pain. However, if the pain is excruciating and you feel both of your shoulders sore, then you might be suffering from a shoulder joint tear. Medical assistance is necessary for the people who feel severe shoulder pain along with a slight fever. With older age, the bones are losing calcium deposits, so there are more chances of experiencing shoulder pain. A small stretch or a jerk might cause severe shoulder pain in older adults.