Stretches and Home Treatment For Shoulder Pain

Home Treatment For Shoulder Pain

Home Treatment For Shoulder Pain
Home Treatment For Shoulder Pain

There is much you can do at home to treat shoulder pain. Most treatments applied at home reduce inflammation, which is found in the skin as swelling or redness. These treatments may also improve muscle function and help you regain shoulder function.

In some cases, home treatments only work in the short term, but if you keep at it, they may also reduce the frequency and severity of pain in the long run.

The usual home treatments you can try include:

  • Over-the-counter medications: In most cases, shoulder pain improves with over-the-counter drugs. They are mainly anti-inflammatory medications such as naproxen, ibuprofen, and aspirin. By relieving inflammation, they improve arthritis, tendonitis, and some instances of rotator cuff injuries.
  • Cold application: You can also use a cold compress to reduce inflammation and improve swelling. Gel packs or ice can be applied for 20 minutes, but cover the surface with a soft towel. Applying directly to your skin may cause frostbite injuries. We recommend using this home remedy up to 5 times daily and alternate with others for better results.
  • Heat therapy: Both hot and cold applications can be useful for shoulder pain. As for heat therapy, it is very useful if your main problem is a stiff shoulder or something related to circulation. Heat helps soothe a tense muscle and may also become a valuable tool to treat shoulder arthritis. You can alternate heat and cold therapy. Just make sure that the heating pad won’t burn your skin before applying. You don’t need extreme temperatures to get a good result.