Treatments For Osteoarthritis – Arthritis – Of The Knee: What Works?

The earlier arthritis is treated, the more likely joint pain can be reduced and the less likely it will get worse. Treatment of knee arthritis may include injections, nonsurgical treatments, and surgery. Usually, nonsurgical treatment care is applied first. Surgery is not usually required and recommended by physicians only when other treatments do not show a desired effect on relieving symptoms. Listed below are the treatment measures taken for the arthritis.

Physical Therapy

Most physical therapy programs use a combination of stretching, strengthening, and aerobic conditioning. [1] The major goals of physical therapy to treat knee arthritis include:

  • Strengthening the muscles around the knee as well as the hip and buttocks
  • Stretching inflexible and tight muscles, such as the hamstrings
  • Enhancing the exchange of nutrients and fluid in the body by the help of light aerobic exercises, such as walking, pool therapy or swimming.
  • Pliable, strong muscles can support the knee joint in a better way, resulting in less pressure on the damaged bone and cartilage.