What Are The Treatment Options For Ankle Pain?

Surgical Procedures For Ankle Pain

Surgical Procedures For Ankle Pain
Surgical Procedures For Ankle Pain

Ankle surgery is reserved for patients who do not respond to conservative treatment. These patients probably have a long-standing problem with deformity and structural changes in their ankles. Surgery may also be helpful in case of severe trauma when there is a severe alteration of the foot anatomy.

If you’re receiving this type of surgery, these can be the procedures in your case:

  • Ankle arthroscopy: An endoscopic procedure that allows a physician to view the inside of your ankle joint. Arthroscopy can help your physician determine what type of damage is present and if it’s time to perform surgery.
  • Ankle fracture repair surgery: This type of surgery involves repairing the damaged bone using screws and metal plates. This surgery is typically performed when the damage is severe, and the bone is very small.
  • Ankle replacement: A surgical procedure that replaces the damaged parts of the bones and ligaments in your ankle with artificial materials and other devices.
  • Ankle fusion: A procedure done to permanently connect two or more bones in your ankle to relieve pain.
  • Ankle reconstruction: A surgical procedure that reconstructs the damaged bones and ligaments in your ankle. This is done to restore ankle function.