Wrist Pain Prevention

How To Prevent Wrist Pain in Sports

How To Prevent Wrist Pain in Sports
How To Prevent Wrist Pain in Sports

Wrist injuries are common while playing sports. The most common are scaphoid fractures, wrist fractures, and damage to the scapholunate ligament. However, you can prevent most injuries with proper conditioning, stretching, and by improving your technique.

  • Proper conditioning is essential to prevent injuries. Conditioning includes warming up and stretching before playing a sport. Cooling down is also important after sports. When you prepare your body before sports, the blood flow improves, and the joint structures become more flexible and get ready for work.
  • Many injuries can be prevented with proper technique. For instance, in tennis, you’re very likely to bend your wrists without even noticing. If you hold the racket and try to keep the wrist straight at all times, the chance of wrist injuries reduces significantly.
  • Using safety gear is a must in contact sports, and they can help you reduce the chance of various injuries, including those in your wrists.

What type of stretches can you do before sports to prevent wrist injuries?

You could stand on a stair with your hands on the stair rail. Step down and back up, keeping your hands in place and feeling the movement in your wrists. Repeat five times, and do three sets.

Another stretch is known as wrist curls. To do this stretch, sit on the edge of a table with your legs straight out. Your hands should be on the edge of the table. With your feet flat on the ground, curl your wrists up, so they are parallel to the tabletop. Hold for 15 seconds, then relax for 15 seconds. Repeat three times.