10 Ways To Prevent Hand Pains

Prevent Hand Pain When You’re Sleeping

Prevent Hand Pain When You're Sleeping
Prevent Hand Pain When You’re Sleeping

Believe it or not, your sleeping position can trigger or worsen your symptoms. Hand pain can also be prevented by sleeping with enough support on your back and elbows.

You probably sleep on your stomach, with your face in the bed. This position can sometimes cause problems in your arms, hands, and wrists. Check if your arms are bent before falling asleep. If you keep them bent, it causes the tendons in your fingers to shorten. This decreases the mobility of your fingers and can cause nerve entrapment problems. That’s why people with carpal tunnel syndrome wake up with symptoms sometimes.

To fix this problem, try to sleep on your side. Your hand should be relaxed, and your forearm should be parallel to the bed. Maintain your hand straight with your forearm with your elbow slightly bent. If you sleep in this position, the tendons in your wrist and fingers will lengthen, increasing mobility and flexibility. Circulation improves, too, which helps relieve muscle pain and tension. You can alternate this position with sleeping on your stomach.