8 Signs Revealing You Have Testicular Cancer

Swelling in the legs

As impressive as it sounds, this symptom is sometimes one of the first indications of testicular cancer in young patients. In their age, young men are not likely to develop blood clots, but they do when they have testicular cancer. This blood clot starts traveling through the bloodstream, and it is likely to get stuck in small arteries and veins, causing a blockage in the normal blood flow to a given tissue. When this vascular event reaches the veins of the legs, the fluid starts to build up and leaking from the blood vessels.

Blood clots may also travel to the lungs and cause a similar condition when it gets stuck in one of the arteries in the lung. This is clinically named pulmonary embolism, and it causes shortness of breath, cough, chest pain, and other respiratory problems. Since these blood clot problems are not common in young patients, they are likely to become an alarm sign for doctors to look up the cause, and after performing the diagnostic tests, they find testicular cancer. However, even in young patients, there are plenty of reasons and diagnosis to rule out, and that’s why you should not try to diagnose yourself. Instead, go to your doctor if you have any suspicion.