8 Signs Revealing You Have Testicular Cancer

Early puberty

Our testicles are one of the most important glands in the body. They produce sperm cells but also male hormones, and they are critical in causing the changes we all experience during puberty. Testicular cancer is more common in younger boys than older patients, and may even appear before puberty in patients aged 15 years old and less. In these patients, testicular cancer is likely to cause early puberty, especially in one type of cancer located in the Leydig cells, the special type of cell that produces male sex hormones.

Thus, we should be attentive at all of the symptoms of puberty in boys such as facial and body hair growth, changes in the voice tone, and muscle composition changes. These are likely to start appearing at around 12 years of age, and they are slowly progressive and do not appear all of a sudden. These changes are completely normal in boys, and some of them would undergo early puberty for other reasons. So, it would be better to ask your doctor if you have a doubt about your own puberty or that of your children.