Natural Therapies For Back Pain

Watch Your Posture

Watch Your Posture
Watch Your Posture

It is extremely important to watch over your posture, especially if your back pain has to do with spinal curvature problems. This is also an important recommendation for people with office work and those who stay for many hours in front of a screen. They tend to adopt a forward neck position that triggers back pain in the long term.

Posture is not only important for your natural spinal curves. It is also fundamental if your problem is related to trigger points of pain, such as sciatica pain which is worsened by sitting for an extended period. Shifting positions may help in these cases to relieve tension in a given area and reduce inflammation in the sciatic nerve.

Here are a few recommendations to watch your posture more actively:

  • If you need to stand for long periods, roll back your shoulders frequently, and you will notice how tension is released from your back.
  • If you need to sit many hours a day and do the same, try to rotate activities and change positions whenever possible.
  • Use a desk riser or an electric desk that allows you to work on your computer sitting and standing.
  • Try to have more frequent breaks. Two minutes for every hour works very well in releasing muscle tension from your back.