15 Effective Home Remedies For Knee Arthritis

Arthritis is the term used for a condition that causes joint inflammation and pain. Although medical treatments can treat arthritis, some lifestyle changes and home remedies may also reduce signs and symptoms.

In the United States, arthritis affects more than 300,000 children and 50 million adults.  There are more than 100 types of arthritis and related disorders. The most common type is osteoarthritis. It is a degenerative disease that reduces the cushioning between the joints, causing swelling, pain, and stiffness.

The second common type of arthritis is rheumatoid arthritis (RA), which occurs when the immune system starts attacking the joints and other parts of the body mistakenly, causing uncontrolled inflammation. Any type of arthritis can cause pain and lead to lasting damage to the joints. In this article, some of the most effective home remedies for treating the symptoms of arthritis and slowing disease progression are outlined.