15 Incredible Apple Juice Benefits That Will Amaze You

15 Amazing Benefits of Apple Juice

Apple juice is a popular drink made from apples. It is a healthy alternative to sugary drinks and can be enjoyed by people of all ages. There are many different brands of apple juice available on the market, so it is important to choose one that you trust. When choosing an apple juice, always look for one that is 100% pure and does not contain any added sugar or artificial flavors.

15 Amazing Benefits of Apple Juice

Nutrition facts

Apple juice is a popular source of vitamins and minerals, including vitamin C, potassium, and phosphorus. It also contains sugar and calories.

One cup of apple juice contains about 46 calories and 24 grams of sugar. That’s about the same amount of sugar as in a can of soda. A glass of apple juice has the following nutrients (1)

Amount Per 1 Glass
Calories 46
Protein 3.4 g
Carbohydrate 11 g
Fat 0.1 g
Potassium 101 mg
Sodium 4 mg
Fiber 0.2 g