15 Amazing Health Benefits of Selenium

Boost immune system

Selenium is an important mineral that helps boost the immune system. It helps the body produce antibodies that fight off infection. It also helps white blood cells work better to protect the body from illness. Getting enough selenium is important for people of all ages, but especially for those who are elderly or have chronic health conditions. People with a weak immune system due to other diseases and infections should make this mineral a part of their diet to help boost immunity.

Improve nail health

Selenium is important for many different bodily functions, including maintaining healthy nails. Although it is found in small amounts in the body, it plays a big role in keeping nails strong and healthy.

Selenium helps to keep nails strong by helping to form keratin, the protein that makes up the nail. Keratin is made up of amino acids, and selenium is necessary for the formation of some of these amino acids. It also helps to protect nails from damage by acting as an antioxidant.

Getting enough selenium is important for maintaining healthy nails. The best way to get it is through food sources, such as Brazil nuts, fish, poultry, and meat. You can also take supplements if you are not getting enough selenium in your diet.