15 Scary Symptoms Of Bladder Cancer Every Woman, Man Needs To Know

Burning or pain during urination

Dysuria means pain or burning while urinating. Only 10-20% of the patients suffering from bladder cancer presents with this complaint. Irritative bladder symptoms are not as common as complaint of hematuria among bladder cancer patients.  Between 80% and 90% of patients with bladder cancer presents in the hospital with symptom of hematuria without dysuria.

Symptoms of rritative bladder are manifested because malignant cells that that form tumor in the bladder lining begin to obstruct the flow of urine. It is significant to visit your doctor immediately if you experience pain or burning when you urinate especially if these symptoms are accompanied by hematuria.  Dysuria is an early symptom of bladder cancer that can help in diagnosing tumor as early as possible.