15 Scary Symptoms Of Bladder Cancer Every Woman, Man Needs To Know


A low blood count is common among cancer patients. They may present with fatigue, paleness, or both. Hematuria is the main reason of low blood count in bladder cancer patients. Your doctor may order full blood count to evaluate the severity of anemia.


Bladder cancer affects 68,000 adults in the United States each year. Smoking is the greatest risk factor for bladder cancer. Common symptoms of bladder cancer are hematuria, low back pain, pallor, abdominal pain, pelvic pain, weight loss, decreased appetite, palpable mass, increased frequency of urination and other changes in bladder habits. Early diagnosis of bladder cancer can result in successful treatment. Advanced stage tumors are difficult to treat and carry worse prognosis. Surgical resection followed by chemotherapy and radiotherapy are some major treatment options available to treat bladder cancer.