How To Manage Your Hip Pain? Hip Pain Prevention

Strengthening of your hips and core muscles

Strengthening of your hips and core muscles
Strengthening of your hips and core muscles

Core strengthening exercises, such as sit-ups and crunches, help strengthen the muscles supporting the hips. A weak core can place more stress on the hips, so whether you are suffering from hip pain or not, it is always important to perform core-strengthening exercises regularly.

These exercises can help prevent injury and improve your performance in whatever sport you play. Stability increases when you strengthen your core, and you now have a stronger pivot to perform important movements in almost every sport. That’s why core strengthening is fundamental, not only to reduce the risk of hip injuries but also to improve your play.

Wearing protective gear

Protective gear can help protect your knees, hips, and shins from injury. Wearing a groin guard can make a big difference, and hip and tail pads are designed to prevent hip injuries.

If you are playing contact sports, protective gear is a must. Even if you’re practicing, you should wear all the equipment recommended for each sport. If you notice they reduce your mobility, it is probably because you need to try other models and sizes.

Listen to your body

Young athletes should always listen to their bodies and stop exercising if they experience pain. It is also recommended not to exercise if you have any symptoms of muscle soreness, joint pain, or swelling before the game.