Knee Pain & Knee Problems : Causes, Risk Factors, and Prevention

Knee pain is quite frequent among older adults and the main reason behind knee problems is the usual wear and tear from performing daily activities like injury, standing, lifting, bending, and repeated stress on the knee. [1] Athletes who play sports or do intense physical activities involving the quick pivoting or jumping activities are also more likely to suffer from knee problems and pain. Although the cause of most of the knee problems is either aging or injury, but it can be irritating and even draining in some circumstances for the people suffering from it.

Knee pain can either cause a more chronic episode or an acute episode. The doctors describe the knee problems by the pathology of the underlying causes. The persistent causes of knee problems alter with the age of the patient while the tendons and soft tissues in children cause arthritis. The cases of arthritis are more common in older adults while the younger patients only suffer from soft tissue injury. The structures or compartments of the knee affecting classify the knee pain in each individual.