What Causes Dry Eyes?

Dry Eyes
Dry Eyes

Dry eyes disease is the most occurring condition that appears when the tears are not capable to give sufficient lubrication for your eyes. Tears can be insufficient and not stable for various reasons. For instance, dry eyes might appear if you don’t make sufficient tears or if you make poor-quality of tears. This tear instability leads to the damage and inflammation of the surface of the eyes. Dry eyes make you feel uncomfortable, if you are having dry eyes, then the eyes might burn or sting. You might face dry eyes in such conditions such as in an air conditioning room, on an airplane or while riding a bike, or maybe looking at the screen of the computer for some hours. The treatments for dry eyes might make you feel more comfortable. Such treatments can consist of eye drops and lifestyle changes. (1)

You might need to be more careful in regarding control the dry eyes symptoms. The eyes need tears to stay comfortable and healthy. If the eyes do not form enough tears, then it would be problematic, also such conditions are known as dry eyes. Dry eyes are when the eyes do not form tear film or the right kind of tears. The most occurring cause of dry eyes is the abnormality in the lacrimal functioning of the gland. Therefore, it might also appear when the lacrimal gland is performing its function normally. Most of the time dry eyes make up if there is a lack of the production of mucin component of the tear film (precorneal). (2)

1Symptoms of Dry Eyes

Symptoms of Dry Eyes
Symptoms of Dry Eyes

Some people might feel severe pain and this might lead to anxiety, frustration, and problem in the functioning of the eyes in daily life. Complications might consist of light sensitivity, increasing pain in the eyes, eye redness, and worsening the deterioration of the eyesight. The dry eye might be a symptom of several various conditions. When going out on a windy day or looking at your laptop or phone screen for a long time without even blinking can let your eyes dry. You might also face dry eyes discomfort because of a health problem or any new medication you are utilizing. When you know that you are dealing with the sensation of burning of the dry eyes, all you want is some relief.

Fortunately, several eye drops might give you instant relief. There are also a few products that you should need to avoid for the sake of those that are more effective and safe. Before knowing about the good drops for your eyes, take a moment to know what leads to dry eyes and what you should see for those easing eye drops. Visit your doctor if you keep feeling these signs and symptoms of dry eyes consisting, painful or tired eyes, redness, and irritation in the eyes. Your doctor might take steps to examine what is disturbing your eyes or recommend you to a specialist. (3)

The symptoms and signs of dry eyes that mostly affect both and each eye may be, consist of:

  • Eye redness
  • A burning, stinging, or scratchy feeling the eyes
  • Light sensitivity
  • Stringy mucus in the eyes or around the eyes
  • Eye fatigue
  • Difficulty while nighttime driving
  • The feeling of having something irritating in the eyes
  • Problem while wearing contact lenses
  • Blurry vision
  • Watery eyes that is the response of the body to the dry eyes irritation
  • Double vision
  • Eye sensitivity to wind or smoke
  • Tearing
  • When waking up eyelids stick together
  • Difficulty in keeping your eyes open

Some of them are discussed in detail in the following:

Eye redness

Eye redness might lead to the vessels in the eye becoming irritated or swelling. Redness of the eye also known as the bloodshot eye might show the presence of various health problems. While few of the problems are adverse, others might be severe and need emergency attention of medicals. Redness of the eye might lead to some serious causes. Therefore, the most serious eye disease occurs when you are having redness along with changes or pain in the vision. It is one of the symptoms of eye redness.