Discover 20 Common Causes Of Knee Pain

Knee Pain Causes

Our knee is a complicated structure which consists of bones, strong ligaments, tendons, and cartilage that work together consistently to help your legs move. The three bones i.e., the shin bone, the kneecap, and the femur along with the strength of cartilage, tendons as well as the ligaments hold together and bring about the knee movements. Any damage, injury, or disease occurring in one of these structures might lead to knee pain and problems. The knee pain can either be acute or chronic depending on the onset of the pain. Chronic knee pain needs an appropriate treatment rarely subsides on its own. While the temporary or acute knee pain resulting from an accident or injury might resolve on its own and never come back. [1]

We can divide knee pain into three main categories as follows:

  • Medical conditions
  • Acute knee injuries
  • Overuse or chronic use conditions