20 Warning Signs & Early Symptoms of Autism You Should Never Ignore

Common Symptoms Of Autism

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is defined as a neurodevelopmental disorder that involves decreased social skills and various communication problems.

Symptoms of ASD normally occur during the first three years of life. Cause of ASD has yet not been found by the researchers. They believe several factors can be involved in causing ASD in a child.

Research has revealed that ASD runs in family. If one child in a family is suffering from this neurodevelopmental disorder, then other siblings are also prone to develop ASD. Relatives of children with autism can also show some symptoms of ASD. The cause of ASD is still under investigation. CT scan of brain of autistic children revealed some anomalies of the brain’s structure and chemical function. Multiple environmental factors are being investigated for their contribution in etiology of ASD. Diagnosis can be made by the doctor with thorough evaluation of a child before starting the treatment plan. Medication might help to treat aggressiveness, hyper focus, depression and obsessive behavior.

1Abnormal Body Posturing or Facial Expressions

Around 80% of autistic children suffer from abnormal posture and disrupted motor skills. ASD affected children have a reduced static and dynamic postural stability. Their functional balance and motor performance are also diminished. Infants suffering from ASD have been reported to show delayed motor milestones. In the rolling stage, autistic children show deviated patterns of motor development compared with healthy children of the same age. In the crawling phase, children with ASD are more prone to show disproportionateness of weight shifting and are unable to crawl. Irregular posture in lying on the stomach at 4 months of age will persist throughout the first year of life. Children often have a clumsy and uncoordinated gait. It is important to recognize these problems early in the life and start the treatment as early as possible.