Common Causes,Signs and Symptoms of Hepatitis C That Require Immediate Attention

Gastrointestinal complaints 

Some people with hepatitis C infection feel discomfort around the liver area and in the right upper part of the abdomen. Since the liver does not posses any nerve stimulation, the discomfort and pain are usually caused by the outer layer of the liver (capsule), as well as by nearby organs. The intensity of the pain can range from dull aches to sharp, intense pain. The pain may persist in some patients, but usually, it occurs in episodes. Stretching of the outer edge of the liver may cause this sort of pain, but it doesn’t mean the hepatitis C infection is worsening.

In most cases, patients have reported aggravation of these symptoms after ingestion of spicy foods and NSAIDs.

Patients who have new or worsening abdominal pain should always be seen in person by a provider. Always discuss your gastrointestinal complaints with your medical provider, mainly when pain is severe, constant, or starts interfering the quality of your life.