Common Causes,Signs and Symptoms of Hepatitis C That Require Immediate Attention

Unprotected sex

Although its a less common cause than using contaminated syringes or needles, the hepatitis C virus may be transmitted during intercourse without using a condom. Various studies have shown that this mode of transmission carries a low risk of infection. However, risk can be higher among women and men who have unprotected sex with an infected person. This risk also increases significantly if there are other factors involved, such as one or both partners having HIV or there are genital ulcers or sores.

Other immunosuppressant diseases such as diabetes and tumors are also linked to an increased risk.

Protected sex is the best way to prevent this type of transmission. Using various contraceptive methods like male and female condoms has been reported to prevent spread of hepatitis C infection in infected persons. However, as transmission risk is low in couples who are in a long-term relationship, a majority of them choose not to use any protection during intercourse.

If you already know that your partner has hepatitis, do consider yourself testing for the condition. Prompt diagnosis and early treatment can save you from troublesome symptoms.