Common Causes,Signs and Symptoms of Hepatitis C That Require Immediate Attention

Palmar Erythema

Often called liver palms, palmar erythema is a term used to describe reddening in both of the palms. Redness and blushes usually occur in the lower part of the palm (above the wrist joint), but it can reach the basis of fingers. The other prominent body areas that may get affected include the abdomen and the soles of the feet.

Palmar erythema may look like a rash. However, it typically disappears and turns pale when pressed. The degree of redness can vary and depends on several factors such as body temperature, the intensity of the HCV infection, physical activity, treatment provided to the patient and even his/her emotional state.

Palmar erythema is usually not a harmful condition. It may be a primary sign with no underlying cause or caused by another condition. In this state, it is called secondary palmar erythema.