Common Causes,Signs and Symptoms of Hepatitis C That Require Immediate Attention

Spider-like Blood Vessels On The Skin

Spider nevus, nevus araneus or spider angioma are common names given to spider-like blood vessels that appear underneath the skin. The appearance of these veins is just like a red dot with lines that typically extend outward.

Spider nevus is associated with raised levels of estrogen. They can be seen in people with venous occlusive diseases and liver conditions, such as hepatitis C. Spider veins mostly appear on:

  • The shins
  • The face, near the cheekbones
  • The ears
  • The upper chest wall
  • The forearms
  • The hands

As your hepatitis C clinically improves, spider angioma tends to fade away on their own. And they can be treated with injection sclerotherapy or laser radiation if they don’t go away.