What Is Skin Cancer?

Prevention from Skin Cancer

Avoid Sun Exposure and UV Rays

There are a few methods that can be followed for the prevention of skin cancer. These methods include

Avoid Sun Exposure and UV Rays

Sun rays are strongest in noon hours from 10 am to 3 pm. Therefore, schedule outdoor activities in hours other than this time of the day, normally when the sun is cloudy.

The body can absorb UV radiation all year. Clouds often provide protection from damaging and harmful rays. Avoiding sunlight will protect the body from UV rays, and the body will stay protected from sunburns and suntans that can cause skin damage.

If you need to go out, then wear sunscreen. Although sunscreens do not filter out the harmful UV radiation, especially the one leading to melanoma, they play a significant role in overall sun protection.

Use broad-spectrum sun screen with SPFs. Apply the cream generously and apply every 2 hours in case of more outdoor stay. Keep the exposed parts of the skin protected from sun rays.

In winter, wear protective clothing because sunscreens do not provide proper protection from UV rays. Covering the skin with dark and tightly woven clothing covering the body parts, including legs and arms, will provide more protection from sun rays. Also, wear sunglasses and keep your self-protected.