Causes, Symptoms and Home Remedies Of Asthma That Require Immediate Attention


Prevention is the best cure. Here’s how you can prevent your asthma.

Don’t pet a pet

The best approach is not to have a pet, like a cat, dog, or bird, that can cause your asthma. The issue is not the animal’s fur, but the dander, which is the dead, dry, flaking skin. The animal licks the fur, and it’s secretion of the dander that may prove fatal for you. Dander is a potent allergen, and you can be gasped by close contact with the cat.

Luckily, taking some common-sense steps will help you to coexist with a beloved animal companion. These include;

  • Never allow your pet to enter the bedroom. The dander will stay for hours if the animal is in the bedroom at any time during the day.
  • If you go for a car ride that would require close contact with the animal, leave the pet alone.
  • When you have direct contact with your pet (or any animal), wash your hands immediately. If you can’t just keep your hands off your pet, keep your face away at least; kiss the breeze, and your pet’s still getting the idea.
  • Attempt to bathe your dog or cat in warm water with no soap every other week. In this way, washing the animal greatly reduces the number of allergens on the skin of your pet.