Everything You Need to Know About Gingivitis (Gum Disease ) – Symptoms, Causes, Prevention and Treatments

Green Tea

Green tea is beneficial for several body conditions and has been used traditionally for the treatment of various diseases. It is useful for healthy metabolism and a detoxified body, and also helps to keep the oral cavity and gums in good health. It contains many free radical scavenger substances that ensure the gums and teeth are in prime health. Drinking green tea is also linked to reduced inflammation and the elimination of periodontal pathogens.

This remedy may take a few days to show noticeable results, but it surely will. While using green tea and other homemade remedies, make sure you follow a proper dental hygiene routine and eat a healthy diet that contains fewer amounts of carbohydrates, artificial sugar and spices. If these remedies don’t work and you still experience gingival inflammation or other signs of gingivitis, consult your dentist for detailed evaluation and expert advice.