Zinc: Everything You Need to Know ( What It Is, Function, Benefits, Deficiency, Sources, Toxicity and Dosage)

Zinc Food Sources

Zinc Food Sources
Zinc Food Sources

Zinc is one of the essential minerals that contribute a lot to maintaining good health. Zinc is important for performing several functions like working of more than 300 enzymes and many more significant processes in the body. Zinc helps in the metabolism of nutrients, maintenance of the immune system, growth, and repair of body tissues. The body is not able to store excess zinc so you need to consume enough zinc every day from your diets to ensure that you are meeting the daily requirements.

A person can try to raise their consumption of zinc-containing foods as well. Examples of such foods in the following:



Baked beans


Beef chuck roast


Fortified breakfast cereals

Plain, instant oatmeal

An individual who consumes a number of foods is likely to consume enough zinc in their daily meals. This consists of fruits, dairy products, lean meats, and vegetables.