Hemorrhoids (Overview, Symptoms, Causes , Types ,Diagnosis, Home Remedies , Treatment and Prevention)

Hemorrhoids are also known as piles. It is a common condition that develops when the veins of lower anus or rectum got swelled. These veins rest under the mucus membrane, which takes blood back to the heart from the anus and rectum. Unless until the blood vessels are content, they are the regular part of human anatomy playing the vital role of transportation of blood, oxygen, and nutrients. They are located at the junction where the tiniest arteries merge with the smallest veins. These precious and delicate capillaries are guarded by smooth and connective tissues, named by their location concerning the pectinate line. Upper two-third is divided by a lower one-third of the anus, and this dividing point is called “pectinate line.” The pectinate line is essential to differentiate between the cells lining hemorrhoids and nerve cells, which provide sensation. Hemorrhoids usually become a continuous problem from the end of the young age and the start of old age.

1Symptoms of hemorrhoids:

Tissues having hemorrhoids cannot be seen until they swell. When the hemorrhoidal masses get swell or a clot is developed, it causes symptoms and signs to appear. External hemorrhoids and internal hemorrhoids which are extended towards the anus from the rectum known as prolapsed hemorrhoids can be seen outside the anus. But internal hemorrhoids cannot be seen outside the anus. When a lump of dark blue color is seen at the anus’ opening, it means a blood clot is being formed inside the swollen blood vessel. This is called a thrombosed hemorrhoid. A non-thrombosed hemorrhoid is one which has a rubbery feel. Mostly more than one lump of hemorrhoids may appear. Usually, the symptoms of hemorrhoids widely depend upon the type of hemorrhoid a person is suffering from. Symptoms of hemorrhoids are as following:

Burning sensation around the anus:

The inflammation occurring in the nerves due to hemorrhoids results in mucus production, which ultimately causes severe irritation and itching in the sensitive skin of the anus. The mucus production causes a burning sensation in the anus and makes the person very uncomfortable.