Everything You Need to Know About Herniated Disc (Slipped) Disc – Symptoms, Causes, Prevention and Treatments

Nerve root pain

Pain in the nerve roots occurs because a nerve originating from the spinal cord is irritated by the inflammation and swelling caused by the prolapsed disc or trapped or pressed on by a slipped disc. Although the problem may lie in the back, you can feel pain anywhere along the route of the nerve along with the back pain. Therefore, you may experience pain below your thighs as far as your calf or ankles. Pain in the nerve root can range from mild to severe, but it is usually worse than a pain in the back. People often describe this nerve root pain as a burning pain that radiates into the legs.

The sciatic nerve is the most common nerve that gets affected with a herniated disc. The term sciatica refers to the nerve root pain of the sciatic nerve. It is one of the largest nerves in the body that come out from the lumbar spinal cord in the lower back. It travels deep inside the buttock and leg to reach the foot.