What Is Pancreatic Cancer? Every Thing You Need To Know Here

Genetic Syndromes

Genetic syndromes
Genetic syndromes

Any inherited condition with genetic mutation predisposes the patient to cancer. These genetic conditions may have been passed down from the parents to the children, or may be a result of any complication in the fetal life

  • Lynch syndrome: the patient with this genetic mutation have a 3.7% chance of developing pancreatic cancer. The already present genetic mutation by birth increase the error rate of replication every time the cell divides.
  • Familial pancreatitis: this condition is characterized by recurrent case of pancreatitis in a family, with no or poor evidence of the general causes of pancreatitis. This is because of certain mutation that runs I the family, predisposing individuals to pancreatitis. Over time, the same mutation may trigger new mutations to give rise to cancer.
  • Peutz-Jeghers syndrome: this genetic condition increases the chance of pancreatico-biliary caner along with other tumors of the digestive tract.