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Pancreatic Cancer Survival Rates by Stages

Pancreatic cancer survival rates by stages
Pancreatic cancer survival rates by stages

For any cancer patient, the most anxious part is dreading about the survival rates. The statistics can further be difficult to understand. A study following the patients from the time of their diagnosis at different stages, throughout their journey, helps the researchers to give facts and figures regarding the survival and recovery rates.

The 5-year survival mark:

To have a common ground to start from, the five-year survival is marked. And the percentage of cancer patients reaching this mark after their diagnosis is estimated. The survival rates are directly proportional to the stage at which the cancer gets diagnosed and if the treatment is set into action at once. The survival rates are discussed according to the following stages:


The best survival rates are reported when pancreatic cancer gets diagnosed at this stage. This stage is characterized by distinct margins of the cancerous mass. The cancerous mass invasion cannot be documented on the surrounding structures, and remains within the confines of the pancreas. This feature allows a feasible surgical option for treatment. Five-year survival rate is seen to be 39%.


The 5-yar survival rate drops to 13% if the cancer is diagnosed at this stage. This can be attributed to the local invasion of the cancer cells of the surrounding structures and blood vessels etc.


With only 3% 5-year survival rate, this is the most ominous stage. The involvement of other structures in addition to the pancreas limits the treatment options available. Also, it significantly limits the efficacy and cure rate of any treatment option.